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#740 How I Make My Duct Tape Cones

Posted by Turtle on 28 December 2012 - 02:14 PM

First off, please let me give credit to 'BackyardBowyer' from youtube for this method.  Well done, and I really haven't changed

all that much from the way he shows it if any.


I find these so easy to make and they come out pretty uniform and perform well on my bamboo kabob skewers.


First off, you will need these items...

duct tape cone tutorial 001.JPG

Duct tape, pen, scissors, piece of your diameter blowgun or the pipe itself.


duct tape cone tutorial 002.JPG

Cut two rough squares of 2 1/2 inches.


duct tape cone tutorial 004.JPG

Next, you will need to fold the bottom edge as shown up leaving a bit to fold over and seal.


duct tape cone tutorial 005.JPG

Fold over flap being careful to fold the entire length right to the cones tip.


duct tape cone tutorial 006.JPG

This is what it should look like.


duct tape cone tutorial 007.JPG

Ok, this is what I found to be a bit tricky and this photo and the next show you proper placement of the second

outer piece of tape.  I found if I didn't hit the angle quite right I was left with a underside sticky seam showing

which of course you don't want.  Don't get to worried about it as there is leeway, try to get as close as you can.


duct tape cone tutorial 008.JPG

The underside view which may be a better show of how second piece needs to look.


duct tape cone tutorial 009.JPG

Fold the little outer flap over first, as shown.


duct tape cone tutorial 010.JPG

Now you want to begin rolling the outer layer over the inner. You don't want creases so go slow using your

index finger to complete.


duct tape cone tutorial 011.JPG

Just about done...


duct tape cone tutorial 012.JPG



duct tape cone tutorial 013.JPG

Grab your piece of pipe, or blowgun now your ready to measure, cut and fine tune your cone.


duct tape cone tutorial 014.JPG

Insert cone in and push gently.


duct tape cone tutorial 015.JPG

Now your ready to run your pen, (ballpoint is good) around half of cone is sufficient.


duct tape cone tutorial 016.JPG

Pull it out and there it is.


duct tape cone tutorial 017.JPG

Now your ready for the cut along the blue line.


duct tape cone tutorial 019.JPG

There she be.  Now you will probably see it's got a peak on one side of the cone, trim it flush.


duct tape cone tutorial 020.JPG

Now, all that's needed is a bit of fine trimming to fit your bore and you should be off to locate

a dart and complete.


duct tape cone tutorial 021.JPG




Hope you found it helpful.  Cheers.



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#1361 Darts For Hunting

Posted by neondog on 05 January 2013 - 09:39 PM

 realisticle what you can achieve the cleanest shot with works. 


Yup! A 100 grain broadhead to the tail is not a kill-shot.

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#2989 Mastering the shot

Posted by treefork on 03 January 2014 - 10:20 AM

In this one I light a match in motion. Moving pretty quick. 



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#2355 Here is a simple little mod ...

Posted by Turtle on 04 February 2013 - 08:28 PM

Taking the pipes out into the cold the other day to do some target practice, found the aluminum getting very

cold even with a guy like me who's told is full of hot air.


Here is a simple mod you can do to your home made jobbies that is in keepiing with this sport...cheap!

I grabbed at the local hardeware store some 1/2 inch pipe foam insulation.  It also comes in 3/4 inch for your

bigger calibers.  $.69 for a 4 ft piece!


All is needed is a sharp knife, some electrical tape, slide it on, get it in the right spot for you, and tape it down.

Very comfortable, and it will keep the cold pipes from seeping through to your hands when out in the field.




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#1346 Holy Crap!

Posted by Carbon on 05 January 2013 - 07:22 PM

Showing the accuracy and hitting power of the new nail darts;



Best to watch in HD and full screen! Warning, you may be surprised!

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#1322 [Competition] Blowgunforum Qualification Badge

Posted by NightKnight on 05 January 2013 - 12:44 PM

Here are the badges:













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#1223 Commercial darts for 1/2 inch pipe

Posted by treefork on 04 January 2013 - 01:40 PM

1/2 electrical conduit is @ .62 cal. 6 inches of thera band gold is actually 5 inches. A 2X4 piece of lumber is not. The whoppers on TV never look like the ones at Burger King. I just found out this year there is no Santa Clause  :growl:

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#5234 Competition time!

Posted by NaturalFork on 06 December 2016 - 11:13 PM

Well the time has come. Let's have some fun! 


Since the winter time is upon us, and not everyone can get a full 10 meters, and since we want the       maximum participation and "fun" level we will start with the requirement of at least 6 meters. 


Using the official USBA target which can be downloaded and printed here: http://www.usblowgun...et 06102013.pdf


- 5 darts shot live on Periscope or Facebook live. 


- Length of at least 6 meters


- Distance must be shown in video


- Any bore size or length blowgun up to 5 feet can be used


- We will be doing 6 rounds or one "card". An example score sheet can be found here: http://www.usblowgun...EET_JF2008a.pdf


- Remember only 6 rounds or one of the cards. The scoresheet comes with 3. 


- We will have 4 weeks to complete 6 rounds. The highest total score at the end ... wins! 


- Links to all live rounds must be posted to this thread.



I am not sure about prizes at this time. That will depend on participation level. 


If there are any concerns, or suggestions please feel free to reply! 

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#4970 Periscope or Facebook Live competition

Posted by Beanflip on 27 November 2016 - 09:01 PM

We can still do this!
I'm in!
A good winter comp.
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#4274 LUBE anyone?

Posted by treefork on 13 November 2015 - 12:54 PM

I'm a newbie to blowgun world, so I don't have much to compare to...I've found so far that it helps alot. If there is condensation in barrel it beads right up and will run out end if leave it sitting up. Usually though, I'll rip piece of paper towel off and blow that thru, one time and good as new. ..al ways open to thoughts or suggestions though!

The paper towel sounds fast and easy .  When I'm trying to tight group a set I will swab the barrel with a dowel rod with gun patch attached to the end . I believe the moisture can throw a shot off course . Its also a good way to get the barrel nice and clean or to apply the coating of something like Rain-x . Same as the gun barrel swab concept .

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#4211 Keeping rabbits out of your garden

Posted by Teach on 04 June 2015 - 09:37 AM

I totally agree with Treefork, .40 cal is way too small to be taking game with reliably and humanely. Personally I would not use anything less than .50 cal and always prefer .625 over everything. 


A friend of mine down in Mexico and I were shooting at a piece of 3/8 inch plywood for lack of something better to use. He had just got his brand new Target Zone .50 cal blow gun and wanted me to come over and do a little shooting with him. 


When he shot those .50 cal target darts they hit the plywood with a little "tick" sound and he could pull them out of the ply wood with his fingers. When I shot the .625 of mine they hit the plywood with a "THACK" sound and I needed pliers to pull them out of the plywood as the darts were pushing out the other side of the plywood with target tips. The broadheads hit harder and do more damage going into the animal.


When it comes to hunting calibers.........go big or stay home. grin

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#4166 World Record Shot

Posted by NaturalFork on 08 March 2015 - 11:33 PM

Now the next thing would be to have the match in motion swinging and the lit with a dart .


Do you think it's possible ? 

For you .. anything is possible!

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#4118 Blowguns for hunting

Posted by neondog on 03 February 2015 - 11:53 PM

40 caliber spearhead dart for crickets and roaches, 50 caliber spearhead for larger bugs such as grasshoppers and locusts. Larger wound channel with a spearhead? Get serious Craftsman, there might be people on this forum that would believe that. SMH

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#4044 This guys makes a sweet mouthpiece!

Posted by NaturalFork on 18 November 2014 - 01:12 AM


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#4032 CS .625 wow

Posted by craftsman on 03 November 2014 - 12:48 PM

Back in '04, I worked with the CS dart designer to provide a better cone.  The old tailcones (yellowish orange) were relatively flat in profile, and after about 15 meters, would start to fishtail.  At 18 meters (if you can power a shot that far to hit a standard target face at 160 cm above ground), they actually struck sideways.  The dark orange tailcones are an improvement (could not convince management to pay the extra money for a properly tapered tailcone for a 0.625 cal. dart, and not raise the prices).   Also the plastic was relatively stiff, and would shatter under heavy use. 


A properly made 0.625 dart should not weigh more than 1.3 gm.  Most weigh closer to 3.0 gm.  The commercial darts are really not as effective for hunting as they could be.  The Zytel broadheads are amazing - but homemade broadheads do perform better.  A properly tapered tailcone for a 0.625 cal. barrel should be closer to twice or more, longer than the existing dark orange plastic CS tailcones in order to better perform aerodynamically.    


If you are a dart builder, try this:     get 1/4 in. diameter 12" bamboo skewers.  Get a Zytel broadhead.   Make a tailcone that will fit on this skewer, make it 2.25 in. long.  Cut the skewer down from the flat back end to 6 inches overall.  Mount the broadhead and tailcone.  Make about a dozen of these, use a 5 ft or 6 ft. barrel, and go get some bunnies or squirrels, then tell me what your opinion of these is.

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#4018 Best Type Of Tubing?

Posted by craftsman on 25 October 2014 - 01:26 PM

I finally came across an old e-mail (April 2011) with the alternate tube materials -  Prices are most likely going to be greater today ...  Not sure if all the links are still good (sorry)


4 ft. Stainless Steel 0.5 in ID  316/316 L   $177 + S&H
 304  $123

Brass 260  0.625 ID  $61
Sched. 40 230 brass  0.5  $47

Alloy Steel 4130  $44

Aluminum  2024-T3  $34
6061-T6   $23

Copper  101-H05   $67

Carbon Fiber .40 cal. 4 ft.  $15

Roll wrapped 0.564 OD 5 ft. $57

CF 0.625 OD 4 ft. $53

Alumina tubes 0.5 ID 4 ft 0.75 OD  2/pk  $469

Graphite  5/pk  0.5 ID   $511  2" OD  

Purified Graphite 0.5" 5/pk  $829  6 ft. L  0.75 OD

Quartz crystal (glass) tubes:
Heraeus HLQ-12141 12 mm ID 14MM OD  4 ft - $12
HA-12141   $36
HS-12141   $157

Pyrex borisilcate glass standard wall Corning  
15 mm OD, 1.2mm wal, 4 ft.4pcs. $15
.40 cal (approx) heavy wall 15.9mm OD 2.4mm wall 4 ft 5/pk $24
.50 cal (approx) heavy wall 19mm OD 3.2mm wall 4 ft 3/pk $24


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#4017 3D blowgun shoot.

Posted by craftsman on 25 October 2014 - 01:05 PM

If you want to host a 3-D shoot, check out these -

Pricier than the Dollar Store targets, but very lifelike, and able to take thousands of target dart (0.40 & 0.50 cal.) shots. 


http://www.thisplace...om/product/CC27  10" Loon $22.50
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H3818  11" Red Squirrell  $30
http://www.thisplace.../product/A31005  12" Skunk $15
http://www.thisplace...m/product/CC139 12" 'Possum $20
http://www.thisplace...m/product/CC122 12" Porcupine $20
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H5181 18" Raccoon  $75
http://www.thisplace...product/FA50592 19" Armadillo $20
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H3841 11" Beaver $25
http://www.thisplace...product/WR85258 12" Canada Goose $15
http://www.thisplace...om/product/CC56 12" Wood Duck $25
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H3709 17" White Goose $60
http://www.thisplace...om/product/D251 11" Groundhog $20
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H3846 12" Pheasant $50
http://www.thisplace...product/GHM1768 6" Rat $10
http://www.thisplace.../product/PR1827 8" Pika $10
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H3341 10" Hedgehog $30
http://www.stuffedark.com/iguanafm.htm 32" Iguana $29.50
http://www.stuffedark.com/echidna.htm 10" Echidna $34.50
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H2956 15" baby Emu $27.50
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H3084 8" Kiwi $22.50
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H5187 14" Monkey $80
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H4140 15" Baboon $60
http://www.thisplace...m/product/H3092 9" Marmoset $22.50
http://www.stuffedark.com/bilby.htm  11" Bilby $53.50
http://www.stuffedar.../chinchilla.htm 6" Chinchilla $26.50
http://www.stuffedark.com/foxbathn.htm 16" Bat-earred Fox $68.50
http://www.stuffedar.../mongoosehn.htm 12" Mongoose $53.50
http://www.stuffedark.com/slothhn.htm  21" Sloth  $48.50
http://www.stuffedar...ugarglider2.htm 13" Sugar Glider $23.50
http://www.stuffedark.com/wombathn.htm 9" Wombat $44.50
http://www.stuffedar.../platypushn.htm 15" Platypus $27.50
http://www.stuffedar...m/meerkathn.htm 10" Meerkat $24.50
http://www.stuffedark.com/rabbitks.htm 7 - 10 " tall, $58.50 - $104.50 Rabbit/ Hares
http://www.stuffedark.com/komodoss.htm 13" Komodo Dragon $18.50
http://www.stuffedar...m/chameleon.htm 18" Chameleon  $32.50
http://www.stuffedar...lizardfrill.htm 15" Friller Lizard $21.50
http://www.stuffedar...monkeycaphn.htm 9" Capuchin Monkey $34.50

Big Game (sadly, with a big price) -
http://www.cuddlewor...nsa_p/h4329.htm 70" Tiger $925
http://www.cuddlewor...Cub_p/h5006.htm 45" Black Bear Cub $385
http://www.cuddlewor...eer_p/h3366.htm 44" Reindeer $636
http://www.cuddlewor...nsa_p/h4883.htm 72" Buffalo $2,600
http://www.cuddlewor...mal_p/h3677.htm 47" Moose $550
http://www.cuddlewor...mal_p/h4042.htm 78" Grizzly $1,300
http://www.cuddlewor...nsa_p/h5496.htm 39" Wolf $470
http://www.cuddlewor...nsa_p/h3650.htm 57" Polar Bear $796
http://www.cuddlewor...nsa_p/h3639.htm 53" Polar Bear $796

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#3652 The "Standard"

Posted by Grandpa Pete on 03 June 2014 - 08:40 AM

ACE Hardware sells 1/2" Aluminum pipe, 6 feet long.  Spring steel wire from Hobby Lobby with a little bit of cotton ball wrapped loosely with very thin thread. (old school but, works well and you can make a dozen darts in two minutes).

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#3631 World Record Shot

Posted by treefork on 30 May 2014 - 08:13 PM

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#3630 The Optimum BG

Posted by GKU on 29 May 2014 - 06:27 AM

The Optimum BG by GKU

First of all the below is, IMO! It is what I found to be, and works for me.
Each individual has an optimum length/caliber. It doesn’t matter what shooting technic one uses as long as he or she is consistent within the one chosen. One will be limited by the amount of air your lungs can put out unless you are still growing. Yes, and it can become very confusing for the beginner blow gunner. It depends on one’s physical abilities and if the optimum BG needs to be found by BGner the below will help you to find it.

Easy or not you decide but I don’t think it’s hard at all. You’ll just need to find some common household items. I’m not suggesting that you should cut your CS blow gun down to this Optimum size or length. But to help understand where you (we) are to better understand what is going on. Like fatigue from over exerting, I notice after shooting my 5 foot pro after about 30 minutes my shot(s) start to go bad most of which start to go lower. Trying harder to compensate for this ill effect only made my shooting worst for me. After using my Optimum Bg this negative effect of fatigue has diminish greatly.

I have a friend at work that has a small lung capacity with a very strong peak output burst power and he shoots his 4 foot faster than his 5 foot. Witch I think he is very close in combination with me needing a 4.5 footer or so, but not willing to cut down my CS 5 foot pro yet. Also have another friend that has a very large lung capacity and very weak output burst power, this make for one of the saddest combination. The saddest would be small lung capacity with weak output burst. But, they can still BG they just need to be fitted with a small caliber with a shot length BG (.4” Cal x 24-36” maybe). And another that has a force to be reckoned with large lung and a very hi powered output burst, he now shoots a 7 footer! I think the length controls lung volume and ones peck power burst can be adjusted by caliber size with it occurring somewhere within the middle of the pipe. Well my reason is that it's not that one has a stronger lung then the other. But an earlier occurring peak burst then the others that have it occurring a little later. This is the timing at which the peak occurs and the magnitude of the burst is another thing again. It's related to the weight of the dart one selects and uses that makes the trajectory cure flatter. The higher the magnitude one can creates the heavier the dart they can employ. This peak power burst of yours happens between the beginnings to middle of the pipe, you may need to use a larger caliber or lighter dart. If it occurs at the middle to end of the pipe, you may need to use a smaller one or a heavy dart.

I have found MY OPTIMUM size BGs to be a .625" bore size and 50.5” in length. This setup will give me the flattest trajectory curve with darts ranging in weight between 2.2 - 3.1 grams. And a .6” bore size and 55“ in length will give the flattest trajectory curve with darts ranging in weight between 2.1 - 3 grams.

Vital Capacity

Method 1)
We tried to use a balloon to measure this but it has a tendency to elongate and has to be push down a little to measure the circumference. If that is what you choose to use you should take three measurements and take the average. Take some deep breaths and inhale deeply blow into the balloon and empty your breath into it. Compress the height of the balloon to make it the same in diameter as close as possible. Use a string to go around the circumference and measure it with a ruler in inches, repeat three times to get a good average.

Here is the formula I simplified it using some algebra: Where V is the vital capacity and C is the circumference of the balloon in inches.

V=C ³/59.2176

Method 2)
Find a gallon jug that is somewhat clear enough to see water level through it or a rectangular container with tall side about 5”x5”x12”. Fill a 5 gallon bucket up with water and submerge container and fill it with the water with the opening on the bottom use a drinking straw that has the ripple joint bend on it. Slip the end under the opening and perform the above, again three times for an average.

V=L” x W” x H” , for a rectangular container.
V= 22/7 x r² x H” , for a cylindrical container.

To only check the results from above not as accurate, but a good approximation:

GKU defining the Optimum BG = a custom BG that is made to fit the person shooting it and will give him the best advantage for maximum accuracy, not speed or distance but accuracy. I have a funny feeling I'm going to be editing this also.

There is also a chance that you maybe already using one. Mine turn out to be within 2.5" short of the 4 foot pro and a couple friends were even closer. I all way wondered why I seem to like it better than the 5 footers I have and catching myself always grabbing it over the longer one. I always thought it was the weight but it turn out to be less fatiguing to shoot long term. It's better to be on the money and not fall to short or long from this measurement. I don't know the terms if any so I will call the too long to be choking and the too short to be overdriving. Both of which cause ill effect on accuracy, to short causes fliers and spiraling to long causes shots to drop and or have to physically over compensate to correct.

In the above link I posted are some take home messages. If the vital lung capacity goes down with age in time I may need to hack off about 3/8 “ off of my .625” Optimum BG a year. If one starts without knowing his Optimum BG length is and using one that is 8 “ to short in about 21 years later it’s possible he or she will be using the Optimum BG without knowing. So in 6.5 years from now my 4 foot pro will become my Optimum BG also, but in the mean time I cut down my CS 5 foot pro to the optimum length of 50.6” long.

AGAIN, I wouldn't cut down your BG just yet. If you would like to experiment with this I would recommend a cheap steel conduit instead for await anyway.

About 5 months ago we used 11 as the divider to calculate the Optimum BG and after two months of trials we settled on 12 for 3 months now. The way I found this value is kind of a reverse engineering feat using a Crony and some Mathematics. But, to keep it as simple as I can for everyone I'll omit this from this posting.

Okay, Vc = your vital capacity, write this down and keep this value for future reference and redo the measurement every 3-5 years or so. Only time will tell if Blow gunning aids in this beneficially, I believe it does !

The Optimum BG length in inches = ( Vc x 7 ) / (66 x caliber ²)

If you are interested in the maximum speed and distance only than multiply your Optimum BG length by about 1.2. Finding the dart weight is your challenge.

Now where were we, ah yes the Optimum Dart to use in your Optimum BG. If you already have calculated your Vc and made one out of a electrical conduit or if your present BG length is within ± 1.5" or so you should be getting good results @ 10 meters with darts weighing in at an average of 3 grams or so. If you are about 8" too short or too long from your Optimum BG length and have a average group size of 2-3". This set up will improve it to about a 1-2" group size. But this formula will give you the Optimum dart weight (Ow) in grams to use. This is the weight of the dart in which when used together with your Optimum BG that will give the greatest accuracy with a proper cone ratio to shoot at 10 meters.

Ow in grams=.06974 x (Your cal in inches) x √ [21.55 x (Your Vc in cubic inches)]

After calculating this dart weight you need to find the right cone ratio to use with it to make the peck of its trajectory curve at 10 meters. I would just start shooting with this dart weight and look and watch to see where it is. It's not that hard I done it at 42 feet. If the peck occurs to soon I would try using a longer cone and a shorter one for the opposite case. Once this cone length is found make a set and it should perform very well for you. I did post somewhere the way that I tune my cone/darts to create a match set, I need to repost.
If you are having trouble calculating any of the above or just hate math, please feel free to PM me for help. I will need to know your Vc and caliber size to the second or third decimal place.

Yes, note that if it’s okay and one doesn't mind viewers to know their age it would be okay to post ones Vc or being a serious professional BG competitor to gain an edge on.


Long distance shooting is very interesting, you can learn a lot by studding what goes on after the peck. This IMHO is where BGing problem at closer ranges can find solution to accuracy issues. If you have been following my old post I often said, "strange things can happen on the other side of this rainbow", hence the different colors used in the graph. Now you know what I've been working on.


You can experiment with this Optimum weight (Ow) dart by shooting darts ranging in weight between about ±1 gram from this weight in ½ gram increments. If you don’t have a precession scale I used a CS Mini broad head dart, its shaft is pretty linear or 1”/1 gram. For every inch you remove (measuring from the head down, shaft only) you are removing a gram. I used only one same cone for all the shafts seen to get a fair comparison.

Keeping your point of aim (POA) the same for all dart weight used you will find that this Ow dart will impact (print) in the middle of your target, the lightest one the highest and the heaviest the lowest. This may be hard to see or achieve at 10 meters, I went as far as 120 feet using a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood standing up 8’. At 10 meters the dart start out high with the lightest and point of impact (POI) drops as you increase the weight of. At longer ranges this effect will have hidden information that you can’t see at 10 meters. Again keeping your point of aim (POA) the same for all dart weight used, starting with the lightest dart it will have a low POI and increases as the dart reaches Ow and then starts to drop again. In my test the 2 g dart had the same POI as the 3.5 g dart and the 3 g the highest.

The Ow dart will achieve maximum range with your Optimum BG and thus producing the greatest accuracy after the peck. Because of this Ow dart used together with the Optimum BG, the trajectory curve is the flattest and together will keeping any error(s) to a minimum. You could get a greater range by multiplying your Optimum BG length by 1.2 this will produce a farther POI and even flatter curve, but your grouping will be much larger than.
Using this Optimum weight dart (Ow) with a cone ratio between 1/3-1/4 gave me much longer ranges. You don’t want to be using this long of a cone to do this test at 10 meters you will not see that much of a difference at longer distances a longer cone will require a longer shooting range and unless you have the range distance and like walking it should work also.

I know very well that experience blow gunner already knew all the above and more but I can’t assume or image that everyone does. I hope this post has brought insight to the Bging community and this intriguing sport/hobby. In hopes of posting newer things that I have been doing in the future.

My wife side that calculating this Vc is better done with water displacement other than a Spirometer (for about $35). There are many factors like race, respiratory diseases, what abuse one does during their life time, diet and exercise as well. I too once was a smoker and believe this was a contributing factor in my Vc being a bit low. I met my wife and I decided to quit. It's not good to be married to a Surgical Oncologist and be a smoker, being unsure which one will kill me first scares the pants off of me !

Food for thought:
Months ago in the beginning before the Optimum BG became my goal in finding. When I try shooting with a 2 footer and a 10 footer electrical conduit pipe. The results were obvious the short one was being over driven and the long under driven (choking) both of which grouped poorly at 10 meters. I said to myself, what made the popular .625” calibers in the 4’ and 5’ length ideal for every adult ?

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