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  • Japan Sport Blowgun Competition
    Japan Sport Blowgun Competition
    You only have to pay to play if you hope to win money from JSFA. Joining and competing in the IFA is still free. Thank you Dr. Higuchi!
  • Geezers workbench
    Geezers workbench
    Damn.. that is pretty frikkin organized.. My shop.. I'm not posting pics.. it's a m e s s.
  • Hasbro Nerf N-strike disk shot
    Hasbro Nerf N-strike disk shot
    Best to use stun darts on these also, you want to knock it out of flight, piercing it with a target dart could ruin the disks, and I have not found a source for replacements. 
  • aboriginal grip
    aboriginal grip
    The stances, and grips were named by the International Fukiyado Association's founder, Dr. Hironori Higuchi, Soke.  There are four of each (4 x 4 x 4 ) yielding a possible 64 different stance...
  • My favorite blowgun i bought in Brazil last year 2013
    My favorite blowgun i bought in Brazil last year 2013
    i just purchased it last year in brazil... just a collection..

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