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Pin Cushion Wrist Quiver

Pin Cushion Wrist Quiver

Where do you hold your datrts? Have you ever seen serious blowgun competitors? No one uses a barrel quiver! That's just fluff that the manufacturer includes. Waste of money, dangerous (you'll poke your eye out!), interferes with proper aiming (distraction). Some folks like a neck hanging quiver. My dear friend Dr. Amante P. Marinas, Sr., author of Panandata: A Guide to Sports Blowguns keeps a coffee mug filled with darts on a table (actually a tree stump) next to his shooting line in his back yard. I like a wrist quiver of some type. Allows for a quick extraction, placement and load into the barrel, and can be done (with practice) without moving your focus away from your target.

This model was re-purposed by Bruce Bell. It is an elastic banded holiday celophane tape dispenser. Once empty, foam rubber was inserted where the tape was stored. Darts are simply inserted into the foam rubber, and it is worn on the non-dominant hand's wrist.