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Muzzle guard Peepsite ... a waste of money

Muzzle guard Peepsite ...  a waste of money

This is another piece of fluff, not needed for serious competitive shooters or hunters.

The muzzleguard is made to protect the end of the muzzle when you are not shooting. It does not matter if it is open or closed ended. In order to not slip up the barrel, there is a stop in place. When you shoot through a muzzle guard (here's where it only matters to world class shooters), the internal ballistics are altered enough to create a sligh backdraft, thus seriously reducing the momentum of the dart. If you are a "power" shooter, you will hear a "pop" as the dart exits the muzzle with a guard in place.

(Tech tip: Always keep the muzzle guard handy, and place it ON the barrel when you are not shooting, or puttng the barel down to rest between shots. Rember to remove it again when you are ready to shoot. Dinging the muzzle tip will be enough to cause air currents at exit that can deflect the dart. Some world class shooters keep multiple barrels handy and will discard a dinger muzzle barrel.)

Secondly, the rifle-style one-eye-open type of sight does not work well (refer to parallax vision) using a blowgun, which is shot from the center of the head using a mouth piece, not from the side of the body, like a rifle.