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JSFA equipment

JSFA equipment

In Japan, you are required to use authorized equipment in practicing Sport Fukiya as in any sport. In baseball, it would be unfair if players use a heavy ball in one inning and a light ball in the next. It would also be impossible to estimate the players ability correctly. In kendo, if one player uses a bamboo sword while the other uses a wooden sword, it would be extremely dangerous; it would no longer be a sport, but a duel.
From these examples, you will understand that any sport needs prescribed equipment for players to compete with. The association determined the equipment written above after deliberating their safety, accuracy, and handiness.
For beginners, they have prepared an authorized introductory set containing a pipe case, a pipe cleaner, a dart holder, Yanuki (used to pull out darts from the target), a lesson video, and a guidebook.

I have not found a source website where this can be purchased outwside of Japan.