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1 L bottled water

1 L bottled water

You can get these at Giant, Martins, or Stop-n-shop supermarkets. Once you drink the water, carefully remove the plastic label. Cut the label in half lengthwise to make two Ya (Fukiya style plastic film cone darts). Don't use the smaller, individual sized water bottles, the labels are too short.

To make a paper dart, (hand rolled, no metal tip) use a good magazine (not the cheap, newsprint paper style).

Instructions from Charles Shapiro, July, 2001:
High-kaolin coated magazine paper is best. Newsweek, Time, and other massmarket magazines are ideal. Upper-market magazines, such as Scientific American or Interview, tend to use heavier stock which is more difficult to work. Your paper must be slick and hard, but relatively lightweight. Wood papers such as newsprint -- even the coated newsprint which Sunday newspaper magazines use -- are unsuitable

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