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Dart making 1 of 2

Dart making 1 of 2

Gather your tools and plastic film. 1" brass brads, a small tube the same size as your blowgun barrel, a tailcone form (paper made the same size as your finished dart will be, a ruler (metric). Each dart's plastic film should be 0.03" to 0.04 in. thick by 23 cm long bt 4.5 cm wide. Cut a circular bevel on one corner, hold the plastic portrait: from the top (short edge) 2 cm, cut down to 1.5 cm from the top (not a circle, but an arc. See illustration.

The dart shaper will fit inside the finished dart. It has widest point diameter equal to a hair below the ID of your barrel. it is 200 cm (7.8 in.) long, and perfctly (or nearly so) round.

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