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Ghost Barrels vs Front Sights vs Quiver or Quiver Guard

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Posted 15 January 2019 - 04:19 PM

Been using ghost barrel aiming for a long time.


Just was trying to figure out how a retail front sight could add anything of value to the equation and I can not come up with an advantage. Perhaps I just don't know how it is configured correctly. To me they are garbage. Though I have never tried to use one.


Had a thought about my own ghost barrel experience and how I think I am better at centering the target between the barrels than I really am. Then it came to mind the barrels are 3" apart. But... If I put a quiver or quiver guard near the front of the barrel. Something I would not have done a week ago because who wants that blocking their sight picture. 




I grabbed a spare quiver guard and slid it up about 6 inches from the end of my barrel. Now the ghost barrels overlap with a vertical football shape in the center. Nice sharp point at the top. Centering my shots perfectly as long as my mouthpiece is centered perfectly. 


Slide the guard forward to lower my point of impact. Slide it toward me to raise my point of impact. Target sits right on the tip of the football overlap shape.


Using a quiver instead of a quiver guard makes the overlap smaller and a bit harder to manage while providing an increased ability to fine tune elevation on the fly. I might prefer the quiver for hunting and the quiver guard for competition.


My own accuracy has improved with only a few shots using a quiver guard as a sighting accessory.


Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?



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