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Maximum Range

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#1 Ridge Runner

Ridge Runner
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Posted 16 January 2019 - 05:03 PM

I find at 20M my darts still penetrate nearly as well as they do at just a few meters. Well... when they hit their target. They penetrate the backdrop just as well too and they do hit the backdrop much more often at that range.


Just wondering who has shot a few to see how far they can send their darts.


How far are you able to send a dart and still hit a barn sized target?


What kind of darts travel farther for you?


How far are you willing to shoot when hunting small game or when in pest control mode?


Just shooting in the back yard from about 5' mouthpiece to 6' top of arc I am able to get about 90' with CS .625 stun dart and if elevating to top of arc closer to 12' I hit a stone wall 175' away. Thinking I might be able to lob 100M with 50' arc on a good day.


I won't take a shot at game past about 15M.

#2 COSlinger

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Posted 16 January 2019 - 06:08 PM

What angle is your pipe at? Try holding your pipe at a 45° angle...

When we shoot bows for distance a 45° rested arrow angle gives the most distance. Anything steeper you get too much up and not enough out. Shallower, not enough arc to carry maximum distance.

Your darts should stick in a target, the ground, etc. at close to a 45° if you get it right.

I think long, thin, heavy darts would be best when shooting for distance if this is comparable to archery. My distance arrows are double the weight and 6" longer than my hunting arrows but will travel 2-3 times as far when shot from the same bow. 4 times as far when shot from my dedicated distance bow. They also have longer, thinner fletchings so maybe a longer cone or a long cotton winding may serve well...I think some of the CS style cones do limit distance.

You'll take that 175 number up to 300' no problem if you build some dedicated distance darts.

#3 COSlinger

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Posted 16 January 2019 - 06:19 PM

Sorry, I hit reply before I was done.

Seems to me the optimal long distance dart would be the straightest possible bamboo skewer, metal field type tip for front end weight, weight the shaft with thin wire windings to achieve 50% COG and finish with a long cotton cone wrapped like the Mad Aussie does on youtube. Maybe even a 5/8 plastic bead toward the fron to help perfectly align the shaft in the tube. You can gain lots of distance by eliminating a few small variables.

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